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The Story of the 


The "Rocher" is a building dating from the seventeenth century, nestled in the heart of the old village of Valbonne
which once housed a former Hospice and a stable.



During the restoration work of the building we have updated a dome of Earth and stones that once cleared has revealed a stone ledge
of size under which was found a silo or well dug from the rock. After many researches it is a silo of 3 meters in diameter and deep of
six meters that ends in the form of amphora.


This formidable discovery allowed to estikill the soul of the dwelling and contributes to the true magic of the place and then it lies
in the heart of the living space revealing to each its mystery and constituting a sort of fourth dimension of the place.


More research is currently being conducted by geologists and historians specialists to allow accurate  dating and more accurate analysis


La Demeure du Rocher has not finished revealing us its mysteries and its secrets.

The story of your Guest

The owner of the place, Mohamed Araba, Algerian, Berber of stump, of the small village of Cherkha, rocked between sea and mountain, and Valbonnais since his earliest childhood, will welcome you and will make you discover his Universe. Such a premonition Araba means diligence in Nabataean and Mohamed Araba has himself criss-crossed Europe in search of excellence Picturale.


After studying at the Beaux Arts de Reims and the blot school, travel travels, quests in quests, Venice for a European tour
of companionship and then in Spain and finally browsing France for more than 35 years restaurant with passion the jewels of our Artistic, religious and pictorial heritage.


Mohamed Araba finally decided to transmit his knowledge in the framework of his workshops of restoration of art in Valbonne and through foundations and creation of schools such as the Abbey of Saint Savin, the Ecole du Beaucet in the Vaucluse and the European School of Arts and materials in Toulouse.


His artistic universe is plural, combining fresco, sculpture, drawing and gilding with the sole guide to the infinite love of art.

It is finally in Valbonne his true village of heart, that he decided to "lay his brushes" to create this place from his travels,
his encounters and his pictorial universe.


This place resembles him and he thought it and conceived in his image, the fruit of his artistic space.


Welcome to the universe of Mohamed Araba.

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Around the


It is in the heart of the old village of Valbonne, a beautiful little old town dating from the sixteenth century and built on the heights of the azurean that is implanted our bed and breakfast, only a few kilometers from the coast of Azurean.


Valbonne has the originality, unlike most of the Provençal villages of medieval origin, to have been built according to a checkerboard plan established by the monks of Lérins. Its rectangular shape is clearly inspired by the plans of the Roman cities.


Today the village has lost nothing of its charm. From the facades of ochre stones to the pastel shutters passing through the porches drowned under the vine, its inescapable place of the arcades or the Abbey Church founded in the 13Th century by the order of Chalais, Valbonne has preserved over time an atmosphere traditional and typically authentic warmth.


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